Skywars Servers

Skywars, a PvP minigame in Minecraft that allows individuals and teams to battle for dominance of floating islands, is the longest-running.

Over a decade ago, Minecraft was a popular game. Skywars is a minigame that has been played by many gamers for the majority of that time. Skywars is a PvP competitive game in which players can either join a team or fight alone on islands in the sky.

Minecraft players must be able to quickly strategize with materials, weapons, armor scattered around various hubs. While it increases your chances of winning, being properly prepared is risky as other players may be doing the same thing.

Minecraft players must find other players interested in playing Skywars. The best avenue to find and play Skywars is through Minecraft servers, and this article will be listing off some of the best servers for players to engage in aerial combat and compete in Skywars.


Hypixel is one the most well-known Minecraft servers and has been an innovator for the online Minecraft community. Skywars is only one of many minigames players can enjoy on this server.

This server is a great choice for players who are looking for a well-established community with a rich history.



If you are interested in Skywars or other mini-games, this Minecraft server is a great option. There are many options, including survival, Earth towny and bedwars.

Herobrine is named after one the longest-running urban legends of Minecraft.


Mineland Network

Another great community-based choice is the Minecraft server. It features responsive moderators and daily quests. There are also a booming player base and leaderboards to climb. Skywars is one of the many minigames and modes that players can choose from on the Mineland Network.



This server’s name includes the word “sky”, making it easy to recognize as a Minecraft server of particular interest. This server was primarily created for skyblocks. These are played on a map that is similar to skywars. This server is designed to help players survive using the materials provided and overcome various challenges.

Skywars is a server that’s specifically for PvP-oriented Minecraft players.


IP for skyblocks:

CubeCraft Gaming

CubeCraft’s sheer size makes it the best server for Minecraft players looking to meet other Minecraft players and join Skywars matches. The server is open 24 hours per day and hosts constant games.

This server has a large community on Skywars and discord. This will allow Minecraft players to keep up-to-date on all the happenings and communicate any issues.


Desert treasures

Desert treasures is one of the most popular quests in OSRS. The quest spans quite a long while and is riddled with multiple quite difficult bosses, however they can all be beaten using the cannon, which should make it quite a bit easier, if you only bring along enough cannonballs. Currently this quest isnt quite statlocked so you dont have worry about your stats too much, however i would advise you to level up your Magic, Attack and Prayer skills up to atleast 60, to make it easier.

How long does Desert Treasures take ?
This quest has quite the reputation for being a slog, however if youre decently skilled and know what you’re doing it shouldn’t take longer than a few hours and up to 5 at most. I find it usually takes about 2 hours on an average run.

What are the rewards for finishing Desert Treasures ?
Obviously with the amount of time you have to put into it you’re going to expect a pretty decent reward. Firstly you’re going to get 20k magic experience and 3 quest points. However more importantly, finishing this quest unlocks the Ancient Magicks spellbook, which let’s you use ancient spells. This is mostly the incentive for doing the quest. Worth mentioning is also that to complete this quest you have to kill the Culinaromancer which is one of the required bosses you need to kill for Recipe of Disaster, letting you do a double complete, which is always nice.

Hopefully this quick guide was useful to anyone looking to get the alternative spellbook or is a completionist in general.

Runescape private servers – RSPS for short

Runescape private servers have been around for a while, there are plenty of different options, different strokes for different folks so to speak. But from what I found there’s one that fits everyone and with a bit of searching you too can find a server that’s just right for you. If however you’re looking for a site that lists RSPS there’s the definitive place to go and that’s this RSPS server list. There are also plenty of OSRS private servers, which simulate the old school version of runescape, although it’s not quite fair to say it’s truly old school since it’s still getting updated and new events are being added, with the largest being leagues which add quite a bit of fun. Most of the servers also do custom events, the quality of which usually rivals that of jagexs ones, making you wonder if theyre not actually superior. These servers are also pretty useful for testing out your builds and paths for upcoming leagues since they mostly let you play the game as a member for free and generally allow you to level your character at a faster rate which allows you to find out if your idea is good without having to waste hours and hours of your time, only to find out you made a mistake and have to go at it all over again.

So in short RSPS are pretty important if you’re trying to be competitive in the new leagues or are just trying to try out runescape without having the hassle of paying for membership. I found the best RSPS server list is


Slayer skill has been part of the game for a good long while now. So lets talk about it :

Slayer is one of the essential skills in runescape. It lets you undertake special slayer tasks and kill monsters which you otherwise cant find. Tasks are composed of getting a number of points by killing certain enemies.

Slayer points
When you finish a slayer task you get a certain number of slayer points which are limited to 64 000 at a single time, however its not a strict limit. The best way besides completing tasks to get slayer points is to trade in the Tuska masks which grant you 20 slayer points each.

Masks and helmets
You can buy slayer masks at Vic, the Trader in Shattered Worlds. Each slayer monster has its own slayer mask and gives you various bonuses as well as it was used to get the corresponding slayer task. After you get enough mask points, by killing the requisite slayer monster your mask will upgrade to a slayer helmet, which is the pride and joy of every skilled slayer.

How to find RSPS?

It’s not hard to find private RuneScape server or RSPS. The fact is that since 2007 it has became rather easy to find private runescape servers due to the launch of RuneLocus’ RSPS List and soon after that many others followed in the years to come.

You can find a safe RuneScape private server by checking one of the RSPS lists:

Which private RuneScape servers are the best? That depends on your wants and needs, but mainly you want to pick RSPS server that was around for awhile and won’t shut down tomorrow as that would result in lost progress and we all hate that.

Just be sure to check out individual server website and their staff team, that should give you some ideas on how specific private RuneScape server is operated and if it is the server with good track record.