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Fashion Accessories for Teens

The teenage period is a very important phase in one’s life. This is the time when any teen is most conscious about his/her looks and often worries about blending with various groups of people. High school is the time when one is anxious about not only looking good but creating the right impression to be accepted by various groups of teenagers. Furthermore, the fashion-conscious ones do their level best to be in touch with the latest trends particularly because they have a plethora of options these days. Teen fashion is also about following celebrities and many youngsters try various ways to look like their idols. Hip-hop, Emo fashion, Prep styles, or even the rather eye-catching Goth styles have made a mark on their fashion. Fashion accessories are one of the most important features. These are extremely important to complete the look. They can help to jazz up any simple outfit. Here are some ways in which you can accessorize your outfit.

For Those Who Breathe Fashion . . .

Trendy Earrings:
Bling earrings or the tiny varieties, whatever the size, are a must. Go in for some different styles such as hand-painted earrings, shell earrings, and glittery shimmer pieces or even simple danglers. If these are a must fashion accessory, for a daily basis, then purchase those that can blend well with many outfits. You can even try making them yourself to have that unique touch.

Good Old Bracelets:
No one can ignore the charms of cute bracelets that can go with any outfit. Bracelets look great with blue denims and you can get a range from the delicate to the chunky kinds. If it’s a Bohemian look you wish to create, go in for the chunky and colorful bracelets whereas a simple delicate one would look good for a party. Some native jewelry made of shells or coco beads can also gel well with any outfit.

Chichi Tattoos:
Tattoos are a great way to express your individual style statement. Although these have been around for years, they have always been a favorite with many teens and adults alike. The interesting thing is the very fact that these need not always be engraved on the skin. Going to a professional may not be seen as ‘affordable’ for every teenager, but local stores have stick-on tattoos that you can wear to suit your every mood. They even have loads of glitter and shimmer and come in a variety of designs. If the stick-on varieties are still not your type, you can even ask an artist friend to paint one on you.

Cool Shades:
Sunglasses can never go out of fashion and besides they do the prime function of protecting your eyes from the glare outside. Go in for those huge styles sported by J.LO. These are totally cool and a very haute item. You can look for some unusual tints and shades like a hint of pink or glares in cool blue. A style tip – white frames are very much in vogue.

Fashionable Necklaces:
A simple white top can be enhanced with a chunky necklace. Chokers look great for V-necked tops or off-shoulder tops whereas long chains go best with plain attire. These long necklaces look fabulous when teamed with long skirts. One can never have enough of necklaces, so the moment you spot a good design; make sure you grab the same.

Voguish Bags and Belts:
Your bag can also say a lot about you. A stylish messenger bag will look cool and can hold all your required college gear. You would be surprised to see these youngsters spend a lot of time decking up, but their bags are a giveaway of their true self. So, get that snazzy bag that suits you. A large belt can look good when worn with a simple white long tunic. The shimmer kinds can be left for the girl’s night out. Bling accessories have always been the first choice for many, celebrities such as P. Diddy and 50 Cents are known for their fashionable accessories. This look may be flashy but can suit a teenager very well.

The list of accessories for these youngsters can be never-ending. The fun part about being a teen is getting to wear all the wacky and the hippest things without really worrying about other issues. So, go ahead and experiment, and make the most of your teenage days.

Finding the Right Teen Clothing Stores

The variety of clothes available for teenagers is getting more and more diverse and in addition to this the ways of shopping has also diversified. The most important thing to ensure when shopping at teen clothing stores is whether the store has the right sizes. Teenagers have their preferences when it comes to the fit of their clothes. Some like to have fitting clothes while others prefer to wear clothes that are a few sizes bigger. However there are some standard factors that should be taken into considerations when choosing clothes in teen clothing stores.

Dressing according to one’s body size is important because it allows the clothes to complement a person’s body size. The same case applies to teens. The clothes that they choose should not just be trendy but also apply to specific body size and shape.

While choosing clothes from teen clothing stores it is important to choose clothes hat suit a teenagers lifestyle. For instance if an ever active teenager is likely to have a preference for more casual and easy going clothes. A teenager who is more conscious about trends is more likely to prefer higher end brands. Most teen clothing stores take these differences into consideration by having various sections categorized according to different styles. Teenagers tend to immerse themselves in subcultures and this definitely affects how they dress. Many teen clothing stores have acknowledged these preferences and some include sections such as surfer wear, skateboarder gear, rocker wear among many others clothing niches.

Color schemes also vary and it is a vital factor when picking out clothes at teen clothing stores. Colors help in ensuring that outfits are complete. For instance plain colored tops can be paired with patterned pants. Colors help either in neutralizing outfits or giving them an edge. Colors also make an outfit standout from the rest. Also, just like the size of clothes, color can help enhance the wearers’ body type. For instance a plus size teenager will look even bigger with a large patterned or striped top. The same person would however look slimmer is a neutral colored top. This is important especially for teenagers who tend to be very self-conscious about their bodies and general appearance.

Choosing the right teen clothing stores is ultimately the best way of accessing the right gear for teenagers. The store has to have a wide variety of clothes to suit different tastes. The store whether online or a physical store should have and exciting and interactive shopping experience. By doing this, the buyers will be more immersed in the shopping experiences and are more likely to be repeat customers. Teen clothing stores with great special sales offer and discounts are also favoured by shoppers because of the savings they are likely to be made.

In conclusion it should be noted that teenagers usually take their dressing seriously therefore, they should be actively involved in the shopping process including the choice of teen clothing stores.

Summer Dresses for Teens

Summers only mean time for some fun in the sun. Light dresses, flip-flops, glares, and oodles of sunscreen define summer. The scorching heat can actually give you an opportunity to experiment with various outfits. Comfort is the keyword when it comes to the sultry summer weather. Skirts, halter-tops, comfy T-shirts, and cute shorts are all a part of summer clothing. However, the one thing that really defines chic in this season is a summer dress. These can range from the super stylish dresses for a night out to the cute ones during the day, in a range of interesting fabrics. Teens can use this season to their creative best.

Dress Me Up


A shirtdress was designed with inspiration from a man’s shirt. However, these are longer in length and often resemble a straight frock. Shirtdresses can be worn with or without leggings. Shirtdresses should be worn with a belt to add definition to the waist, as these are very loose. For a casual look during the day, these can be worn with a pair of leggings and flats. To make the look stylish for an evening out, wear the dress minus the leggings, but with a pair of killer heels

Puff Dress

The puff dress is fitting on the upper area of the body, and falls gently below to cover your hips. Such a pattern brings more attention to your arms and legs. This dress rates very high on the comfort factor. Zany and colorful prints would make it ideal for day wear. For a trip to the beach, you can combine it with a stylish, wide-brimmed hat. These dresses are the best option for a feminine look.

Shift Dress

Elegant and stylish, the shift dress can probably never go out of fashion due to its comfort factor. This pattern is based on clean cuts that gives a very smart look and is a very versatile outfit as well. Combine it with flats and you have a casual look. Wear it with heels and you get a professional touch. The shift dress was seen on the fashion scenario in the late ’50s. Shift dresses are usually knee-length and flatter all body types.

Strapless Dress

A strapless summer dress is the ideal choice to beat the heat and yet look super stylish in summer. Go in for bold prints or solid colors for the evening, and bright, fun colors in a floral pattern for the day, to instantly turn heads towards you. You can also pull on a shimmering shrug for the nighttime. This dress accentuates your shoulders and upper body. Usually, a strapless dress looks the most stylish when it is knee-length. Wedges look very cute with these dresses.

Sizzling Summer Fashion Tips

Loads of lip gloss would blend well with any of your summer clothes. Apply a base of lipstick and wear some gloss in a light color for a perfect pout.

Get a stylish pair of flats that will help your feet breathe easy in the hot weather. Strappy sandals look really cool with summer dresses.

A stylish hat will protect your skin and also turn you into a style goddess.

Tote bags can really jazz up any summer dress.

Make a statement with over-sized, stylish glares.

Go in for bright and fun colors while choosing your summer clothes.
So, all set for the summer, are we? Every season presents you with an opportunity to make a style statement, and with these ideas, you can ensure that you look the part without compromising on the comfort factor.

Choose Hair Accessories For Your Young Girl

Your hair may be your crowning glory, but on the days that it just refuses to stay in place, you feel like pulling it out. One of the best ways of dealing with the bad hair days is to add some gorgeous accessories to your hair. Not only do they keep the hair in the intended place, but also give you a chic appearance. Hair accessories are the flavor of the season among celebrities and runway models.

From blossoming flower headbands and pretty head scarves to big polka-dotted bows, you can find hair accessories just about everywhere. Whether you are aiming for that elegant look with antique brooches and hair combs, or a cute, fun look with funky head wraps, hair accessories can help you achieve that look with ease.

Moreover, these accessories are available in a range of colors, designs and embellishments to suit your taste and style. Here is a list the different hair accessories for women.

List of Hair Accessories

Hair Clips

Hair clips, also known as barrettes, are the most common hair accessory for women. Whether you simply want to gather all your hair, or you want to sport a French roll, a hair clip will hold up any hairdo. Hair clips of different designs can easily enhance any hairdo and are perfect accessories for occasions, such as a wedding. Other types of hair clips include hair clamps, ponytail holders, comb clips, metal, and plastic clips etc. They are made with metal, plastic, or fabric. Large and small jaw clips are also quite popular for holding the hair. Snap clips in different colors that are quite popular with kids, can be used for adding the fun quotient to your hairstyle.


Headbands have always been in fashion, and their wide variety has only added to their popularity. Jeweled, crotchet, lace, chiffon, braided, and glitter headbands are quite popular among women. Headbands can be worn with long hairstyles as well as short hairstyles, and some also go well with certain formal attires. They can be worn when leaving your hair loose and even when its tied up in a ponytail. Headbands with a messy bun is extremely feminine and pretty.

They hold the hair back firmly, and highlight the facial features. They are convenient to use while participating in activities that need the hair to be held back. If you’re sporting a haircut with bangs, use a hard headband to define your hairstyle. For parties and informal occasions, opt for soft, stretchable headbands, or the ones with bows and embellishments. There is also an option of headbands that have built-in combs to keep hair tangle free.

Ponytail Holders and Bands

A ponytail is one of the most popular and easiest way of styling the hair. Of course, to keep your ponytail in place, you would need a great ponytail holder. From basic hair ties to ones with beads, embellishments, and flowers, the ponytail holders are available in a range of styles, designs, and colors.

The soft and stretchable bands are made of fabrics, such as nylon and are ideal for securing ponytails and braid hairstyles. They can cause some hair damage if they get entangled in the hair, but otherwise they are the best option to secure long hairstyles as they can be looped a few times to secure the hair. A type of hair band that is great for securing a ponytail are ‘scrunchies’. These are made by covering elastic with loose fabric that is crunched together. They are also available in different hues, styles, and embellishments such as snoods, plastic balls, and bows.

Hair Combs

Hair combs, also known as French combs, are inserted in the hair so as to lock the hair in place. The comb is inserted upside down or backwards into the hair, which is then flipped over to lock the hair in place. There are many sizes of hair combs available in the market, suitable for different hair textures. They, usually are the best for styling medium to long hair into an updo or simply to hold the hair back.

Head Scarves and Wraps

Scarves, bandanas, and hair wraps―in different fabrics, colors, and designs―are a great way of battling those bad hair days. Place it around the head, wrap, and tie it. Hair scarves can be worn to match the outfit that you’re wearing, and they come in all kinds of fabrics, colors, and designs. Other than scarves, you can try accessorizing the hair with snoods and hair turbans as well.


Whether you want to keep the layers off your face, or secure your hair into a nice bun, hairpins are a necessity for every woman. These thin metal pins, available in a range of colors and sizes, are curved at one end and open at the other. People tend to choose hairpins that are the same color as their hair so that they can hold up the hair without seeming too obvious. However, pins with a bit of ornamentation are in vogue as well.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a popular hair accessory, especially for those having short hairstyles. They not only not make hair appear longer, but also enable you to sport different hair colors. They are temporary and can be easily removed. Hair extensions can be either glued, sewn, or clipped to the hair. Clipped hair extensions are less expensive and cause no damage to the hair. Whether you are looking for a chic look or a more punk-girl look, hair extensions are your best option.

Other hair accessories include hair bows and hair nets, chopsticks, tiaras, hair caps and hats, bandanas, head wraps, hair jewelry, etc. So the next time you go shopping, pick some hair accessories, and try using them to get a new and different look!