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Buying Hair Accessories for your Little Girl

More and more parents are entering their girls into beauty pageants because it allows their princess to strut across the stage and show her beautiful smile in an adorable dress and a little jewelled tiara. Recent movies have added to this trend as popular films such as Little Miss Sunshine showcasing children’s beauty pageants.

Hair accessories can add to your child’s adorable look by adding a bit of flare to their outfit. What you have to ensure is that you choose the right hair accessory to complete her look. Keep in mind that these beauty pageants are meant to be fun, so don’t go overboard with stressing for the occasion, just do a little research and put together the cutest little costume that you can think of.

To help you put the outfit together we’ve come up with some tips on hair accessories includingbaby headbands and hair fascinators below:

Tips on Wearing Hair Accessories

You can’t go wrong with baby headbands that are lined with sequins and diamonds as one of the choicehair accessories for your little girl as she walks on the stage. You can also try using black velvet headbands to give her the classic look of Audrey Hepburn and Judy Garland. If you prefer sophistication, you can always have crystals in any of your hair accessories such as a diamond-encrusted hair clip.

As you prepare your daughter for the talent portion, make sure that her hair complements her pageant dress and routine. For example, a hair fascinator decorated with exotic feathers is great for a classic dance number like a musical while a simple hair clip embellished with satin ribbons looks good in a solo singing scene.

When choosing the right hair accessories, consider the colour and length of your daughter’s hair. Learn to mix and match. Don’t restrict the natural flow of the hair by putting the hair in a ponytail, use a barrette to hold her hair in place instead. Also, always remember to place the hair fascinator or hair clip properly so that her hair doesn’t cover the face.

Tiaras in Beauty Pageants

Winning the beauty pageant of course means wearing the Winners Tiara. Just like a wedding tiara, the beauty pageant tiara is also encrusted with jewels, diamonds, and other precious stones (of course most of these are replicas when it comes to our little one’s pageant).

Most Important of All

Always remember it’s not about the right baby headbands, hair clip, hair fascinator or any other of the hair accessories. It’s about your daughter enjoying the process and most of all enjoying the event when it comes to beauty pageants. Like everything in her life it should be educational and fun. So forget the stress and the competition, just put together an adorable outfit and let your daughter smile and laugh her way to the podium. Also all the tips and tricks we have provided in this article don’t just have to be for beauty pageants, they can also be used just for the family Sunday trip to Grandma’s house as a little dress up is always a fun time for mother and daughter.

Choosing Handbags For Teen Girls

Finding beautiful and classy handbags is not something that only women are interested in but many teenage girls who want to look stylish and fashionable also want to purchase trendy handbags. Designer handbags are the first choice of teenage girls, as they not only look stylish but are also envied by the classmates and friends. However, since designer bags are very expensive, it is not possible for everyone to get a designer handbag.

The demands of the teenage girls are often outrageous but most parents do not want to disappoint them and try to find alternatives. After all, looking stylish and fashionable is something all teen girls are fond of, and they do not want to compromise their image at any cost. So, the most convenient solution for the parents is to find designer teen handbags at a lower price than the market rate.

The best way to find designer handbags at a lower price is to purchase wholesale handbags. These teen handbags are sold at quite reduced rate and hence the parents can purchase the designer handbags in bulk. The remaining handbags can be presented as a gift to someone else or can be kept for future use, as teenage girls are careless and can often ruin their bags at a party.

Teenage is the most difficult phase of life, and teenagers are usually bent on doing anything and everything that they can to fit in and be admired. Teenage girls want to look like fashion divas and obviously no fashion diva is complete without a stylish handbag. Hence, the need for designer teen handbags is expressed by the teenage girls at some point in their school life.

Going to a shop or boutique that sells these special designer teen handbags can give you a reality check, as they are so overpriced that most of the parents cannot even dream of spending so much money on such a small item. So, they opt for the cheaper option, which is to find the same designer handbags in wholesale and pay remarkably less for the same thing.

Many parents are not sure about the option to buy wholesale teen handbags, as they think that the reason for low price is that they are cheap knock offs rather than the original thing. However, the fact is that if you find reputable wholesale dealers, they sell the original bags at a discounted rate only. There might be a few quacks in the town but most of them are genuine dealers.

Owing to the influx of movies and pop culture, teenage girls get easily influenced, and they want to do everything to make their appearance fashionable and hip hop. When they see girls of their age carrying these stylish and trendy handbags, they feel the need to get one for themselves as well, and not having a stylish handbag can ruin the whole attire for a stylish event.

The designers and boutiques cater to the rich only, and it is not possible for the average income parents to get these accessories for their kids at such high prices. The ones affordable look cheap and are not acceptable for teenage girls. Hence, the wholesale teen handbags serve as lifesavers for such parents who hate to see their daughters sad.


Funny Teenage Hairstyles

Teenage years are a lot of fun as you can enjoy dressing up and pull off styles that only a young girl looks good in. As a young girl, you must be looking for certain styles that best reflects your personality and style. This is the right time to experiment with different styles and patterns in clothes, accessories, hair and makeup. To match the pretty outfit and accessories, you need a hairstyle that makes you look your age and which enhances your features. Many young girls make the mistake of sporting a hairstyle that is too severe or over elegant. This kind of hairstyles makes you look aged and dated, and worse, makes you seem like a girl who is trying too hard. It is imperative that you choose a hairstyle that is not over styled, but choose a hairstyle that gives you a casual and carefree look. Use cute hair accessories like hair bands and oversized feathers for a flirty and fun look.

Pretty Teenage Hairstyles

Sporty High Ponytail
This particular hairstyle is ideal to wear for school as well as a casual lunch date with friends. If you though that a ponytail is boring and blah, then you couldn’t be more wrong. This particular ponytail hairstyle is anything but boring and you are sure to look great in it. To create this sporty high ponytail hairstyle, first you need to apply a texturizing cream to damp hair. Next create a deep side part, brushing all the hair on one side. Lightly backcomb hair at the crown area to create a bit of volume and then gather all your hair together into a ponytail. Secure hair at the back of your head with an elastic band. Take a small half inch section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band and secure with a bobby pin. Spritz the ponytail with a medium hold hairspray and scrunch hair to give it a wavy texture. The beauty of this popular teen hairstyle is that it looks a little undone and tousled which goes very well with smart casual clothes.

Fishtail Side Braid
Braids are an ideal hairstyle for young girls that gives a fresh and youthful look. To make a braid hairstyle more trendy, a fishtail side braid is a good option. To create a fishtail side braid, first run some texturizing cream through the length of your hair. Create a deep side part and gather hair towards one shoulder. Separate the hair into two equal sections at the nape of your neck. Now very carefully, pull out a half inch section of hair from the right side, just below your ear and place it over the left section. Take another half inch section of hair from the left side, just below the ear and place it over the right section. Continue braiding in this way till you reach the end of the hair. Secure the braid with an elastic band. Take a rattail comb and gently run it over your braid to pull out some hair from the braid to give it a frayed look.

Soft Half Updo Hairstyle
The wrong updo hairstyle can make a teenager look too severe and older than her age. But a half updo, which is not sleek and pulled back but rather soft and tousled, is just right for a young girl. This is one of the best cute teenage hairstyles and is quite easy to style too. To create this hairstyle, prepare your hair by applying a golf ball sized amount of volumizing mousse to hair at the crown. Apply texturizing cream to the rest of the hair. Now take a wide three inch section of hair from the front of your hair and backcomb it with a rattail comb to create volume. Make sure that you do not go overboard with it and just create the right amount of volume. Secure this section of the hair at the back with a wide bejeweled barrette. Next use a large barreled curling iron to create loose curls on the rest of your hair. Spritz the hairstyle with medium hold hair spray and it is done.

These hairstyles are incredibly versatile and you can sport them at a date as well as the prom. Whatever style you create, make sure that it goes with your outfit and enhances your appearance.

Fashion Tip for Teenage Girls

Fashion advice, especially to someone as vulnerable as teenage girls, is something that can go disastrously wrong if one does not know what they’re talking about. And it has been known to happen so don’t judge me for being a little too condescending about it. Fashion as I see it, and as I’m sure many, many girls all around the world see it, is a matter of self-confidence seasoned with a bit of creative thinking and a lot of resourcefulness. You don’t have to own every latest piece of clothing that has walked a ramp to be well-dressed and presentable. That’s one major piece of advice that is underused; by those dishing out the advice and the ones receiving it. In this article, there are some basic tips to ensure that you have an all-season wardrobe. So get ready for a wardrobe upheaval that does not necessarily involve super-expensive couture.

Fashion Tips for Teenage Girls

When it comes to styling teenage girls, one needs to be overly cautious. It’s not just about making the girl wear the latest clothes. It’s about helping her to identify with her inner self and recognize what is going to help her enhance her best features. Just giving a girl a lecture about what you think is the best for her is not enough. She should be able to relate to what you’re saying. You need to put yourself in their place, but advice them from the point of view of a person who will be looking at them (literally). So, let’s check out some very simple and (un)fortunately cliché fashion advice that teenage girls can benefit from.

Stick to Basics
What goes into having a perfect wardrobe that boasts of something nice to wear during every season? What do you need to lay the foundation of a wardrobe so awesome, that you don’t need to spend hours agonizing over the dreaded ‘what to wear’ question? It’s the basics! Or essentials if you will. Honestly, there is nothing more simple to understand than the ‘stick to basics’ philosophy. So what do the basics encompass? Here’s a list of some of the items, whose importance and contribution to your wardrobe you should NEVER underestimate.

  • Well Fitting Jeans: If you haven’t come across a girl who wears jeans that are either so tight they threaten to explode, or so loose they look like they’re hung on a hanger, then you live in a perfect world. I am yet to find a dictionary in which the word ‘fitting’ means ‘extra-tight-to-the-point-of-tearing-if-worn-when-seated’. Girls, we know you’re at an age when the first and last thing on your mind is how you look. So please, refrain from wearing jeans that are too snug or too loose. Flaunt your body, but do it with dignity.
  • Tops: T-shirts, tanks, spaghetti straps, the world is your oyster! You need to have these in strong colors that will complement your skin tone and your body type. Do not go in for an ill-fitting top. Your upper body needs to breathe, so you need to have something that will facilitate this basic necessity of life. At the same time, having just sweatshirts and loose tees will take away the femininity from your wardrobe. Include smart button-down shirts, some girly tops, and classy jackets in neutral colors for the winters.
  • Accessories: There is no shortage of accessories for teens. There are so many stores that are bursting with stuff that you can accessorize with. But what you need always is some nice belts, scarves, a nice pair of eye/sunglasses, some simple jewelry and a perfect attitude to match them.
  • Skirts and Shorts: If you know how to look good in shorts, then nothing should stop you from flaunting your legs in the summer. Follow the cardinal rule of not too tight, not too loose for them as well. If you’re more of a ‘girly’ girl, then you need a collection of pretty skirts in varying lengths: short, medium, and long. You can team the extremely short ones with leggings, wear the medium ones as they are and heavily accessorize with the long ones for an ultra-chic Boho look!
  • Shoes: You need comfortable footwear for every season. For the summer, flip-flops, slippers, thongs work well. For the winter, go with closed shoes like flat pumps or boots. Don’t wear extremely high heels. They could lead to other problems later on. For the monsoon, you can have a cute pair of rainy boots.

Once you have the basics of your wardrobe covered, the rest is just psychological.

Be Comfortable
You must have heard this a million times, but that does not dilute its importance. You need to be absolutely comfortable in what you’re wearing. Else, all the ‘advice’ given above or in any other forum that you may read might as well be tossed out the window. Let’s put it this way. You like this boy at school and you want to look nice for him. You can dress up in trendy clothes but if half of your attention is focused on whether your skirt is too short or your shirt is too transparent, it’s going to show on your face, or worse in that oh-so-interesting conversation about dissecting a cockroach that you were having with him. Take it from someone who’s had such unfortunate encounters as an adolescent, it will scar you for the rest of the week, if not for life!

Be Smart
You need to be smart to dress smart. Which means that limited wardrobe though you may have (and it’s always limited for girls, isn’t it?), learn to be creative and experiment with everything you already own. With the basics mentioned above, you will never run out of ideas to dress yourself, for any season and any occasion. You just need to be perfectly aware of what is going to complement your body type well. When in doubt, change. You are the best judge of what you look like. It’s perfectly alright to take a risk with fashion trends once in a while, but if you seriously doubt the way you look in a particular outfit, either get an opinion from someone who can be completely honest with you or just change!

The last and parting fashion advice that can be shared with teenagers is be confident. If you’re experimenting with a new look and are sure about yourself when you look in the mirror, take that confidence with you wherever you go. Confidence is infectious. You never know, you might end up being the sparkling diva of teen fashion and have others swarming around you!

Buying Cheap Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming day is just around the corner. For various students, the most expectant segment this day is nothing more than voting for their queen and king. In the famous TV series Gossip Girl, we may be quite familiar with the scenario that Blair and Jenny intrigue with each other to obtain the title. But in reality , homecoming day is just a exciting and exhilarating festival for girls, without too much disputes, what they should do is just enjoy the happy time, talking and dancing, no matter who ultimately turned out to be queen. To some degree, homecoming party is where great romance come into being. So girls before you attend the party, please consider cheap prom dresses for yourself.

Compared with those celebrities who live in upper East side, you, as normal students ,may not be that well-off. While the serious problem is that those prom dresses may not be cheap. Begging for cash from your parents, maybe you are too shy to speak out of that. Perhaps, you could help you parents to do more house work such as mowing the garden and washing the plates in order to gain more tip, but that’s an utterly inadequate measure. So how to find affordable prom dresses become very important.

Tips1: Style

Before you under take the job of picking dresses, you should first learn something about the latest trend. Buy a teenager fashion magazine or just pay a visit to the professional teen fashion website , to learn about what is in style this year. Certainly, when you browse those information, you should take your personal details into consideration. Not everything they suggested are the best. Only those which suitable most can achieve the best effects. If you would like to stress your nifty and energetic temperament, short style may be quite suitable for you. If you would like to accentuate on your elegance, thus a long gown may be quite good. Don’t forget those flattering style, this will help to modify your silhouette. What’s more ,according to the latest fashion report that prom dresses with high slit which will be benefit to show your femininity and perfect curves will be very in this year. If you are confident enough with your legs, you might just as will have a try of those style.

Tips 2: Make a survey of price in advance and Reconsider Your Budget

To learn how much you have at hand and study about the market quotation are very important. This will help you to cut blindness. For instance, if you get 50 $ then you say you would like to buy a latest prom dress designed by Jim Hjelm, that’s not practical.

Tips 3: Consignment Store

Pay attention to consignment store! You will find many surprises. If you have seen the Gossip girl, you may know that Jenny buy one celebrity dress from consignment store because of the low-price. In those consignment store, products are always cheaper than market quotation because people always pledge those products with cut-throat prices. Though to some degree, the goods may be second hand, but they may just worn 1-2 times and the price tag may even kept. So if you really want to save, this may be a good choice.

Tips 4: Discount Store

In order to attract more clients, those stores may come up with discount sale activity. So pay attention to newspaper and advertisement. If you are lucky enough to meet clearance sale, you can go and pick them.

Tips 5: Shop Online

It has been well know that buying prom dresses online are much cheaper than in real shop. So just search the keywords to find awesome prom dresses online shop.

Buying Teen Designer Clothes

Teenagers are the ones who are mostly into the latest fashion all the time. They will not want their parents to shop for them when it comes to their clothing, because they want to have everything that is chic and trendy in the market.

The only factor that discourages the parents from buying designer clothes for their children is the price tag that is put on such clothing lines. They are a tad expensive and are not affordable if you are shopping for regular wear.

However there are many smart parents who have found ways of tackling this problem efficiently. The tip for smart shopping is that you try to find other options, where you can find the same quality and style of clothing at a lesser price. Here are some of the ways you can find expensive designer clothing line for teenagers and kids at the lowest prices:

1.  Wholesalers: Nearly all designer clothing brands have wholesalers in every city. Wholesalers give you the same designer garments that are available in the retail store with a pricy tag label, at a very cheap price. Gone are the days when wholesalers would only supply clothes to retailers and dealers with a license. Nowadays every brand has its factory outlet which the wholesalers usually set up and in different parts of the town.

The best part about these stores is that there are discounts and sales on all clothing lines all around the year. Hence they are a tad cheaper than the same clothes that are racked in the departmental stores and fashion boutiques. You can find a wholesaler or a factory outlet of a designer brand in your town and take full advantage of the offers and low prices available there.

2.  Online Clothes:  The best way of shopping for cheap designer clothes is the internet. On the internet you will find hundreds and thousands of cheap designer clothes stores to choose from. All you have to do is run a search on Google and you will be flooded with options.

In such cheap designer clothes store you will find all the best secondhand designer clothing at the lowest prices. These stores allow sales and discounts on all the items in their gallery. Thus you can select the best designer clothes for your child sitting from your home. You can also ask your child to choose their favorite designer clothes from the online galleries of these stores.

Cheap Dresses for Teens

Quinceanera represents an important event in the life of a young adolescent girl. It is held on the 15th birthday and it is specific to Latin countries. The “Sweet Sixteen Party”, a great birthday party held in the US when a girl turns 16 has been inspired from quinceanera. For a young girl, the quinceanera party is almost as important as her wedding. She has to wear an exquisite dress and perform traditional rituals that symbolize the passage to maturity. Since this kind of celebration is of great importance, finding a dress is not very hard, especially when a girl can choose from numerous cheap quinceanera dresses presented on the internet.

Whether it is a colorful party or a more sophisticated and elegant one, here are a few of the most beautiful cheap quinceanera dresses: Weiyena Yarn Satin Ruffle One Shoulder Floor Length Quinceanera Prom Dress, V-Neck A-Line Chapel Train Satin Women’s Quinceanera Dress and Taffeta Ruffles Applique Beads Strapless Floor Length Quinceanera Dresses.

Weiyena Yarn Satin Ruffle One Shoulder Floor Length Quinceanera Prom Dress is one of the most exquisite cheap quinceanera dresses that will certainly attract everybody’s attention. It is made from satin and yarn and the unique one shoulder neckline design will offer more elegance and sensuality. This dress will show that you have great taste in clothing, and at the same time will make you feel very comfortable. The combination of purple and blue will certainly be a new addition to the quinceanera party. The dress can be custom made so you only have to take your precise measurements and don’t worry about a thing.

V-Neck A-Line Chapel Train Satin Women’s Quinceanera Dress is specially designed to enhance your waist line and perfectly fit your body. Made of satin and mesh, this dress will guarantee comfort and elegance. The embellishments offer a touch of sparkle and glamour to the dress and add tastefully to its color. It has a V-neckline and a chapel train so that you will not get overheated while dancing and at the same time look extremely good. It is one of the cheap quinceanera dresses that will not make you feel sorry for choosing it.

Taffeta Ruffles Applique Beads Strapless Floor Length Quinceanera Dresses is one of the cheap quinceanera dresses that will attract the attention of all the guests. This black, strapless taffeta dress has a floor length that will give the impression that you are taller and that will enhance the lines of your body.

School Uniforms for Teen

The purpose of having schools is to deliver better education to the children. However, schools always remain surrounded with assorted problems. One of the major problem, which has reared its head in many cities across Australia is enforcement of school uniforms.

Just like two faces of a coin there are two sides of this argument. As this is a serious question regarding schools, so considering valid points coming from both the sides is very important. The main argument is that school uniforms take the student’s dress and appearance out of the equation. The idea behind a uniform is to establish discipline and bringing a sense of equality among students. The argument against dress code say, that it unnecessarily restrict students from dressing up the way they want.

In school, students often try to establish a social hierarchy and this differentiation of hierarchy is often based on students clothing and appearances. This can have an adverse effect on students who cannot afford stylish and expensive clothes like their friends or classmates. Also, students start judging people on their looks, which is anyways wrong. Hence, making uniforms mandatory for all students can eliminate this problem.

Secondly, uniforms causes less distraction, so students can focus more on their studies. Children waste a lot of time in selecting dresses for school, hence, school uniforms Australia saves considerable amount of time as well as money. Good quality uniforms are an economical option, they may cost a bit high in the beginning, but later it’s durable and long lasting service makes it worth a purchase.

However, a student’s interest should not be neglected, but must be given some importance. These days, unlike the traditional school uniforms customised uniforms are very much in trend. Keeping student’s interest, comfort and school dignity in mind, uniform designs are prepared. Customised uniforms are available in both brick and mortar as well as online stores. These stores offer a wide range of options to make a selection. In fact, some uniform suppliers also set a special customer support department for providing assistance to customers. If you are finding it difficult to select or design school uniform, then you can take help from support people, simply explain them your requirement and they will do the needful for you.

The concept of customised uniforms has resolved the uniform problem to a great extent, as students have also started finding customised uniforms stylish and cool thing to wear.

Best Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Helping a bride organize her wedding can be a chaotic time without you, the bridesmaid, debating over a hairstyle to finalize. Maybe it’s not all about the hair. But honestly speaking, being a bridesmaid and all, you’re expected to look stunning for the bride’s big day.

Your task for the day is to keep the bride calm and relaxed till she walks down the aisle. Which is why we want to make sure that the hairstyle is finalized and out of the way; so you can concentrate more on getting back to the bridesmaid duties, and of course, enjoy the affair.

Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

Even though you don’t get to pick the dress, but you can have inputs for the hairstyle. Whether you’re selecting a style based on your personal preference, or by matching the hairstyle with your dress. Either way, we are here to help you in any way possible. So, for the bridesmaids with long, splendid tresses, here are 36 bridesmaid hairstyle ideas to choose from.

Beautiful Braids

Braids hairstyles are feminine, and look absolutely amazing on anyone. For an effortless, glamorous appeal, braids will never fail to impress. Pick either French braid, four-strand braid, fishtail braid, lace braid, rope braid, Dutch braid, waterfall braid, or crown braid.

Sleek Half Updos

Tease and tousle your hair to perfection with these half up, half down hairstyles. With only a few strands of hair pulled back, you allow the soft waves to frame the shape of your face.

Classic Updos

Whether it’s a relaxed chignon or a high updo, the style looks super sophisticated and is perfect for a formal wedding. Along with the dress, the décor, and the wedding theme, classic updos are highly in demand.

Romantic, Loose Waves

When all else fails, go with voluminous, loose curls for that flirty, yet natural look. These hairstyles look elegant and can be paired with a delicate hair accessory for a subtle touch of sophistication.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles Dos and Don’ts

Now that we’ve bamboozled you with 36 breathtaking hairstyles, we want to discuss a few things. While you’re in the process of selecting a ‘do, keep the following pieces of advice in mind.


  1. Your hairstyle needs to match the wedding style―formal, boho chic, vintage, rustic, etc.
  2. Pick a hairstyle you feel comfortable with, and that will suit the shape of your face.
  3. Explain to the hairstylist exactly what you’re looking for; bonus points if you take pictures to your trial.
  4. Be open to suggestions.
  5. If other bridesmaids have different hair lengths, don’t be intimidated to copy their style.
  6. However, follow a general theme. If everyone has a soft, tousled, romantic look, don’t pick a formal hairstyle for yourself.
  7. If the bride wishes to unify the hairstyles of all the bridesmaids, suggest wearing similar accessories (even though everyone has a unique ‘do).


  1. Avoid going overboard; keep your hairstyle sleek, sexy, but simple, so you don’t upstage the bride.
  2. Finalize the hairstyle without consulting with the bride and other bridesmaids.
  3. Rush to the reception without retouching your hairstyle.
  4. Ask for an intricate or complicated design than the bride.
  5. Complain about anything; you are an accessory to the wedding, and not the main event.

There are a lot of ‘ifs’, ‘maybes’, and ‘perhaps’ happening here. Well, the point is, among other major bridesmaids’ duties, you also have to focus on being there for the bride and making sure everything is going according to her plan. So, when it comes to the discussion about your hair for the day, make sure you have all doubts, concerns, and questions out of the way before the big day arrives. Because frankly speaking, you and the bride have other essential things to worry about.

School Hairstyles for Girls

When it comes to hairstyles for school, there’s no dearth of options for girls who have long hair. They can spice up their look by flaunting their long tresses in sassy hairstyles and embellish them with beautiful hair accessories. For school-going girls who don’t just aim at looking presentable, but wish to make heads turn, here are some hairstyles that will surely work wonders.

Endless styling options are available for girls who have long hair. All you need to do is find the hairstyle that works well for you. Factors such as the shape of your face and texture of your hair must be taken into account while zeroing in on the hairstyle you would don.

If you wish to try out different looks, here are some cute, easy-to-maintain school hairstyles for girls with long hair, that may work wonders for you.

Braided Hairstyles

If you have long tresses, you can also sport a braided hairstyle. A braided hairstyle can certainly make you look chic and elegant. Braided hairstyles never go out of fashion. Side braids, plaits or pigtails are some of the styles you can try. Girls can also don a simple side braid or a side fishtail braid. These hairstyles are perfect for school girls.

You can also embellish your hair with cute accessories. You can also use the braiding technique to make your hair wavy. Well, you just need to wash your hair at night and braid them before they dry completely. Untie your hair in the morning and run your fingers through your hair. You can simply let your hair down and flaunt your long wavy hair or style them into a ponytail or an updo. For a braided updo, divide your hair in two sections and braid. Once you have finished making the braids, coil them into a bun at the nape of the neck.

Ponytail Hairstyles

If you are looking for everyday hairstyles for school, let me tell you, ponytail hairstyles never go out of fashion. Well, there are several variations of ponytail hairstyles. A single ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles for girls who have long hair. You can style your hair in a high ponytail with bangs. For making a high ponytail, just brush your hair up to the crown and secure them using a rubber band. You can use hair accessories to jazz up your look.

You can also secure your hair at the nape of the neck to sport a low ponytail. A low side ponytail hairstyle is one of the cutest hairstyles for girls who have long tresses. It works well with any kind of part and fringes. You can make a ponytail with a side part, zigzag part or an off-center part. A ponytail that is positioned behind or in front of either ear with the tail pulled forward over either shoulder surely looks very fashionable. The ponytail can also be wrapped into buns and twists. Styling your hair in a bun is not difficult at all. All you need to do is make a ponytail. The next step involves twisting your hair in a swirling motion. Keep wrapping the twist around the base till you reach the end. Get hold of bobby pins and secure your hair. Hair accessories can be used to make your hairdo look even better. You can also make a knotty bun hairdo. Start by making a high ponytail. Secure it with a rubber band. Twist the hair clockwise around the center. Move your hair through the center of this bun to make a knot. Insert hair sticks to hold the bun in place.

Layered Hairstyles

If you don’t wish to tie your hair in a braid or a ponytail, you can always don a layered hairstyle. You can go in for short layers, long layers or choppy face-framing layers. If you wish to spice up your look without cutting your hair short, a layered hairstyle will certainly do the trick for you. You can sport a long layered wavy hairstyle with side swept bangs, wispy bangs, choppy bangs, asymmetrical bangs, angled bangs or Cleopatra bangs.
You can also opt for subtle highlights and use stylish accessories to look appealing. Face-framing razored layers starting from a few inches below the chin till the hair ends will also look great. Waves or curls can certainly add a soft look. Soft bouncy curls with Cleopatra bangs may also look fabulous. Cleopatra bangs certainly lend a edgy look, however, do make sure that they suit your face shape.

These were some of the stylish hairstyles for school. Girls, if you have long hair, there is surely no dearth of hairstyles for you to choose from. While ponytail hairstyles and braided hairdos are perfect for school-going girls, you can even don an updo hairstyle or let your hair down occasionally. You can also wear snazzy clips, headband, beads or any fashionable hair accessory to spice up your look.