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Best Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Helping a bride organize her wedding can be a chaotic time without you, the bridesmaid, debating over a hairstyle to finalize. Maybe it’s not all about the hair. But honestly speaking, being a bridesmaid and all, you’re expected to look stunning for the bride’s big day.

Your task for the day is to keep the bride calm and relaxed till she walks down the aisle. Which is why we want to make sure that the hairstyle is finalized and out of the way; so you can concentrate more on getting back to the bridesmaid duties, and of course, enjoy the affair.

Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

Even though you don’t get to pick the dress, but you can have inputs for the hairstyle. Whether you’re selecting a style based on your personal preference, or by matching the hairstyle with your dress. Either way, we are here to help you in any way possible. So, for the bridesmaids with long, splendid tresses, here are 36 bridesmaid hairstyle ideas to choose from.

Beautiful Braids

Braids hairstyles are feminine, and look absolutely amazing on anyone. For an effortless, glamorous appeal, braids will never fail to impress. Pick either French braid, four-strand braid, fishtail braid, lace braid, rope braid, Dutch braid, waterfall braid, or crown braid.

Sleek Half Updos

Tease and tousle your hair to perfection with these half up, half down hairstyles. With only a few strands of hair pulled back, you allow the soft waves to frame the shape of your face.

Classic Updos

Whether it’s a relaxed chignon or a high updo, the style looks super sophisticated and is perfect for a formal wedding. Along with the dress, the décor, and the wedding theme, classic updos are highly in demand.

Romantic, Loose Waves

When all else fails, go with voluminous, loose curls for that flirty, yet natural look. These hairstyles look elegant and can be paired with a delicate hair accessory for a subtle touch of sophistication.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles Dos and Don’ts

Now that we’ve bamboozled you with 36 breathtaking hairstyles, we want to discuss a few things. While you’re in the process of selecting a ‘do, keep the following pieces of advice in mind.


  1. Your hairstyle needs to match the wedding style―formal, boho chic, vintage, rustic, etc.
  2. Pick a hairstyle you feel comfortable with, and that will suit the shape of your face.
  3. Explain to the hairstylist exactly what you’re looking for; bonus points if you take pictures to your trial.
  4. Be open to suggestions.
  5. If other bridesmaids have different hair lengths, don’t be intimidated to copy their style.
  6. However, follow a general theme. If everyone has a soft, tousled, romantic look, don’t pick a formal hairstyle for yourself.
  7. If the bride wishes to unify the hairstyles of all the bridesmaids, suggest wearing similar accessories (even though everyone has a unique ‘do).


  1. Avoid going overboard; keep your hairstyle sleek, sexy, but simple, so you don’t upstage the bride.
  2. Finalize the hairstyle without consulting with the bride and other bridesmaids.
  3. Rush to the reception without retouching your hairstyle.
  4. Ask for an intricate or complicated design than the bride.
  5. Complain about anything; you are an accessory to the wedding, and not the main event.

There are a lot of ‘ifs’, ‘maybes’, and ‘perhaps’ happening here. Well, the point is, among other major bridesmaids’ duties, you also have to focus on being there for the bride and making sure everything is going according to her plan. So, when it comes to the discussion about your hair for the day, make sure you have all doubts, concerns, and questions out of the way before the big day arrives. Because frankly speaking, you and the bride have other essential things to worry about.