Desert treasures

Desert treasures is one of the most popular quests in OSRS. The quest spans quite a long while and is riddled with multiple quite difficult bosses, however they can all be beaten using the cannon, which should make it quite a bit easier, if you only bring along enough cannonballs. Currently this quest isnt quite statlocked so you dont have worry about your stats too much, however i would advise you to level up your Magic, Attack and Prayer skills up to atleast 60, to make it easier.

How long does Desert Treasures take ?
This quest has quite the reputation for being a slog, however if youre decently skilled and know what you’re doing it shouldn’t take longer than a few hours and up to 5 at most. I find it usually takes about 2 hours on an average run.

What are the rewards for finishing Desert Treasures ?
Obviously with the amount of time you have to put into it you’re going to expect a pretty decent reward. Firstly you’re going to get 20k magic experience and 3 quest points. However more importantly, finishing this quest unlocks the Ancient Magicks spellbook, which let’s you use ancient spells. This is mostly the incentive for doing the quest. Worth mentioning is also that to complete this quest you have to kill the Culinaromancer which is one of the required bosses you need to kill for Recipe of Disaster, letting you do a double complete, which is always nice.

Hopefully this quick guide was useful to anyone looking to get the alternative spellbook or is a completionist in general.