Runescape private servers – RSPS for short

Runescape private servers have been around for a while, there are plenty of different options, different strokes for different folks so to speak. But from what I found there’s one that fits everyone and with a bit of searching you too can find a server that’s just right for you. If however you’re looking for a site that lists RSPS there’s the definitive place to go and that’s this RSPS server list. There are also plenty of OSRS private servers, which simulate the old school version of runescape, although it’s not quite fair to say it’s truly old school since it’s still getting updated and new events are being added, with the largest being leagues which add quite a bit of fun. Most of the servers also do custom events, the quality of which usually rivals that of jagexs ones, making you wonder if theyre not actually superior. These servers are also pretty useful for testing out your builds and paths for upcoming leagues since they mostly let you play the game as a member for free and generally allow you to level your character at a faster rate which allows you to find out if your idea is good without having to waste hours and hours of your time, only to find out you made a mistake and have to go at it all over again.

So in short RSPS are pretty important if you’re trying to be competitive in the new leagues or are just trying to try out runescape without having the hassle of paying for membership. I found the best RSPS server list is